Water on Fire

Some may have noticed the emerging marketing theme arguing that Pittsburgh is a place for investment because of…   water. As in H2O.  The veracity of that is a topic unto itself. I always find it curious how the argument can be made when much of the region is subject to what could be a . . . → Read More: Water on Fire

Water Water Everywhere

Kind of a bad day for water in Pittsburgh yesterday.  Beyond the seemingly unexpected resignation of the boss, there was also the bad news of rate increases along with some big water breaks as well.  I’ve heard of a few other big ones out there beyond what made the news.  Probably goes with the . . . → Read More: Water Water Everywhere

Interesting Ideas in Trade

Akbar’s transport of ice

In the ferocious height of the Delhi summer, Akbar setup a mechanism whereby horses started out with ice in Kashmir and rode south. The ice was handed from one horse to another, keeping it constantly on the move. In the end, what reached him was a few kilos of ice.

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