A Theory of Regulation

This story caught my eye:

Now another revolution on wheels is on the horizon: the driverless car. Nobody is sure when it will arrive. Google, which is testing a fleet of autonomous cars, thinks in maybe a decade, others reckon longer. A report from KPMG and the Centre for Automotive Research in Michigan concludes . . . → Read More: A Theory of Regulation

Allocating Scarce Resources

If only there was some way to solve this problem:

People struggling with headaches, toothaches, and even feelings of loneliness are calling 911 — often several times a day.

This chronic abuse is overwhelming what industry experts call the 911 “safety net” system. It’s also wasting what could add up to billions of dollars . . . → Read More: Allocating Scarce Resources

Civics 101: Government spending

There are three types of government spending — waste, fraud and abuse.

As Anthony Gregory points out, that first category is the least of our . . . → Read More: Civics 101: Government Spending