Time to Rethink a Myth

Maybe parents might want to consider the effects of pushing their children to get a college education:

Cyndee Marcoux already was stretched thin, thanks to the $80,000 in student loans she racked up after getting divorced and going back to school a decade ago. Her breaking point came in 2010, when her daughter defaulted . . . → Read More: Time to Rethink a Myth

So does college pay off?

I know there are doubters that are getting louder… but at the end of the day lifetime earnings add up. Below is the differential in wages by educational attainment among those employed.  It’s not only the wage differential in itself that matters, but you have to also consider the significantly lower unemployment rates for those . . . → Read More: So does college pay off?

Satisficing Guaranteed

Here’s some sad commentary about the current set of grads:

Seven in 10 of these recent graduates said they would need more education if they were to have a successful career. Despite their belief in the value of post-secondary education, though, only 38 percent definitely planned to attend college to get more education in . . . → Read More: Satisficing Guaranteed

What’s The Point of Financial Aid?

I suppose that the original intent of financial aid—most particularly scholarships—was to attract good scholars who would be likely to become famous and thus increase the prestige of the university. By offering intelligent, driven individuals an opportunity to be educated for reduced rates or for free, universities could be assured that they would attract . . . → Read More: What’s The Point of Financial Aid?