Interesting readings for September 10, 2012

Rajdeep Sardesai on the problems of law and order in Bombay. Nothing is more important in the priorities of the State than the police and the courts.

In recent weeks, we’re seeing fresh attention on the flaws of the HR processes of government. Shashi Tharoor in the Indian Express on the IFS, and Sundeep . . . → Read More: Interesting readings for September 10, 2012

Behind Curtain Number 2...

Sometimes it is worth looking back at old posts. Actually a reader reminded me recently that there still are ‘deals’ being shopped to consumers for locking in long term natural gas prices.   Reminds me that a year and a half ago I posted this letter I received myself.

Was it a good deal?  Even . . . → Read More: Behind Curtain Number 2…

Natural Monopolies and Cap and Trade

Note: this post is intended as discussion of economic theory. The use of certain analytical tools should not be construed as approval or said tools, nor should assertions and arguments be construed as advocacy. This is simply an exercise in economic analysis.

Taking the mainstream definition of natural monopolies, and assuming that the human-produced . . . → Read More: Natural Monopolies and Cap and Trade

Water Water Everywhere

Kind of a bad day for water in Pittsburgh yesterday.  Beyond the seemingly unexpected resignation of the boss, there was also the bad news of rate increases along with some big water breaks as well.  I’ve heard of a few other big ones out there beyond what made the news.  Probably goes with the . . . → Read More: Water Water Everywhere