West End Story

PG has a story on the latest in immigrant attraction efforts in town here.  Certainly not the first of such efforts. More than a decade ago Pittsburgh’s immigrant attraction efforts were page A1 in the NYT with this:   To Fill Gaps, Cities Seek Wave of Immigrants. It has also been a nearly perpetual topic here in . . . → Read More: West End Story

Retail madness

So in case you missed it.  A pretty sizable default of buildings at the South Side Works.  PBT: Soffer Organization defaults on three core SouthSide Works properties

An inkling of that was apparent long ago.    I guess the thing that I wonder about is why nobody ever poked much into the state of retail . . . → Read More: Retail madness

Solving the Financial Crisis: An Academic Viewpoint

“Necessity is the mother of invention” says one old proverb. What better time than right now to think and plan for new, innovative approaches to problems facing all of us?

Unlike the various candidates trying to garner votes, I am neither a politician nor on a “do good” pedestal.

I am a trained, retired . . . → Read More: Solving the Financial Crisis: An Academic Viewpoint