Imagine That!

Some interesting news from Michigan:

Michigan workers are not going to suffer. They have simply been given the freedom to join or not join a union, to pay or not pay dues. And while wages in right-to-work states such as Virginia, Tennessee, Texas and Florida are slightly below those of other states, employment in . . . → Read More: Imagine That!

Another Greedy Capitalist

Her name is Gina Rinehart:

Now, the Australian mining heiress, worth $19 billion and earlier this year thought to be the world’s richest woman, has sparked another controversy in her latest column in Australian Resources and Investment magazine. (Yes, I am a registered reader online.) Rinehart rails against class warfare and says the non-rich . . . → Read More: Another Greedy Capitalist

Coming Home to Roost

It looks like free trade is catching up with the US:

Master Lock, which has made locks in Milwaukee since 1921, has brought 100 jobs back from China over the last year and a half. And Mr. Bink, who has worked at the plant for 33 years and heads the United Auto Workers local, . . . → Read More: Coming Home to Roost

Government-Imposed Failure

Chuck has good idea for reforming education:

Sometimes you hear lamentation over the fact that teachers aren’t regarded with proper levels of esteem. That we have star athletes but no star teachers even when most students would benefit more from the latter. A possible solution to that problem with a keener eye for improving . . . → Read More: Government-Imposed Failure

Unions vs. Globalization

Unions are against globalization.  To listen to them, unions are a force for good for all workers (rather than just the workers who pay the union its dues). But to watch them, you can see that they’re in favor of cartelization. They don’t mind other people competing against them, as long as those people . . . → Read More: Unions vs. Globalization

Texas vs. California

There’s an interesting story from Washington Examiner (link) discussing the coming economic crisis in California (which has been notably called “The Greece of America”) and the flourising economy in Texas which enjoyed a decade of robust growth, low taxes, favorable demographic outlook and superior public services. Not surprisingly, unions in free labor market in . . . → Read More: Texas vs. California

The Economics of Unions

Gary Becker (link) and Richard Posner (link) opened a discussion on how unions influence policymaking decision. Recently, president Obama imposed punitive 35 percent tariff rate on imported Chinese tire (link) risking the coming trade war. Indeed, China may file a case against the U.S at the WTO, and the WTO may rule against the . . . → Read More: The Economics of Unions

Five Things to Get Your Morning Started

1. A White House report shows that H1N1 may kill 90,000 – I’m going to come out out right now and say that I don’t know how exactly the White House is going to play this, or what tactics they are going to use, but they are going to try to use this virus . . . → Read More: Five Things to Get Your Morning Started