Confiscating Certificates Of Confiscation

A lawsuit over billions of dollars of unclaimed savings bonds is brewing over whether the Treasury Department or the States should be able to confiscate the minimal remaining value of these certificates of confiscation.  This article will be written from the first person perspective of the victim who has been robbed after investing in these ‘risk-free’ . . . → Read More: Confiscating Certificates Of Confiscation

Money Market Funds Lose Treasury Backing


Tim Geithner, the Goldman Sachs Secretary of the Treasury, has gone on record as saying that the government will withdraw its $3 trillion backstop guarantee from the money market fund industry, on schedule, this September 18.

While I am for any reduction in the government’s . . . → Read More: Money Market Funds Lose Treasury Backing

Insane Psycho-Sociopathic Court Economists

Gregory Mankiw, professor of court economics at Harvard and economic advisor to President George W. Bush, proposed negative interest rates in a recent New York Times article.  Mike Shedlock, a prominent financial commentator has appropriately weighed in 19 March with Time For Mankiw To Resign and again on 21 March with Economist Mankiw Defends Policy . . . → Read More: Insane Psycho-Sociopathic Court Economists

Why are T-Bills so popular

One of the puzzling aspects of the current economy is the soaring demand for US treasury bonds. On the face of it, T-Bills seem like a pretty terrible investment. The yields are low and given the massive government and current account deficits being run by the United States, it is highly likely that the . . . → Read More: Why are T-Bills so popular

CNN’s Error Inadvertently Gets it Right

A recent headline at said “Fed bails out GMAC with $6 billion.” Since I had heard it was the Treasury department funding the GMAC giveaway, I had to check the story to make sure this wasn’t another $6 billion being thrown down the drain. Fortunately, CNN just got it wrong: it was the . . . → Read More: CNN’s Error Inadvertently Gets it Right