A Theory of Regulation

This story caught my eye:

Now another revolution on wheels is on the horizon: the driverless car. Nobody is sure when it will arrive. Google, which is testing a fleet of autonomous cars, thinks in maybe a decade, others reckon longer. A report from KPMG and the Centre for Automotive Research in Michigan concludes . . . → Read More: A Theory of Regulation

To Fly

So I debated whether to point out the obvious here, but I wasn’t even sure if this was serious.  See the press release: Pittsburgh International Airport Celebrates 20 Years Of Service, Innovation And Growth In The Pittsburgh Region.

No hubris there.  I’m now half expecting the Nuttings to issue a press release highlighting 76 . . . → Read More: To Fly

How many natural gas vehicles are there in Pennsylvania?

Seems like a simple question doesn’t it.  All the talk, buzz and policy swirling around the future of natural gas you would think someone would have information on the total number of natural gas vehicles currently in use in Pennsylvania.  I could not easily find anyone with a guestimate even which I thought is . . . → Read More: How many natural gas vehicles are there in Pennsylvania?

Transparency in the LPG subsidy

by Viral Shah.

Recently, the Petroleum Minister launched the LPG transparency portals for all three Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs):

The Oil Marketing Companies have been constantly leveraging technology to launch various initiatives for offering convenience to their consumers For example, some of them are offering the facility for booking refill cylinders 24×7online through their . . . → Read More: Transparency in the LPG subsidy

Vegetable Oil vs. Natural Gas

The Wall Street Journal has a pretty comprehensive look at the whys… and why nots… of using natural gas as an automobile fuel in the US.  See:  America, start your natural gas engines. by Tom Fowler.

Worth a read since so much of the hope for natural gas markets.. and thus natural gas prices.. . . . → Read More: Vegetable Oil vs. Natural Gas

Why regionalism need not be so hard - Cleveburgh Version

So here in town the topic of ‘Regionalism’ always breaks down quickly into to two irreconcilable camps.  Those who think our hyper fragmented local government in Allegheny (one of the most fragmented in the nation by the way, if not the most fragmented in the world) is costly and inefficient and those who perceive the . . . → Read More: Why regionalism need not be so hard – Cleveburgh Version

Afternoon news implosion

So this is ominous via the Atlanta Journal Constitution today: Delta Cutting Staff.

If you do not read the tea leaves they don’t leave it to the imagination with this quote

“Meanwhile, Delta said it plans to further cut back international flights, just a day after celebrating the opening of Atlanta’s new international terminal . . . → Read More: Afternoon news implosion

USAirways and the 'so what' question

What is really fascinating is that a potential new major reorganization at USAirways just barely makes it into the news cycle here any longer.  Maybe that makes sense given the number of flights left here, but I bet there would be ramifications no matter. It is also a real change from the past when, as with US . . . → Read More: USAirways and the ’so what’ question

Congratulations, Environmentalists

It looks oil price trends don’t bode well for the future of air travel:

Emirates, the biggest airline by international traffic, said more carriers will go bust this year as fuel costs and sluggish economies undermine profitability.

“We can reel off a whole load of airlines that are teetering on the brink or are . . . → Read More: Congratulations, Environmentalists

Pittsburgh is doomed

h/t to Jim R. for catching this intense bit of dismalness on the future of Pittsburgh from the Washington Monthly article Terminal Sickness, subtitled (How a thirty-year-old policy of deregulation is slowly killing America’s airline system—and taking down Cincinnati, Memphis, and St. Louis with it.).  The money quote is below.

Before you read I . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh is doomed