How to achieve safety in payments

The technological opportunity in payments

In the old days, the field of payments was inextricably interlinked with banking. Money was only held in bank accounts; the only way to move money around was through banks.

Advances in computer technology coupled with financial innovation have changed all this. Banks are no longer the only game . . . → Read More: How to achieve safety in payments

The costs in buying versus the costs in selling

All models are wrong, some models are useful. A model reduces complications that are true in return for tractability and insight. In finance, all too often, one complication which has been wished away is transactions costs. A great deal of what we see in the world around us is caused by the costs of . . . → Read More: The costs in buying versus the costs in selling

Can behavioural economics help markets to work better?

In his book, ‘The Upside of Irrationality’, Dan Ariely claims to have identified a market failure in the online introductions market. He refers to a survey indicating that people participating in that market spent on average 5.2 hours per week searching profiles and 6.7 hours per week emailing potential partners for a payoff . . . → Read More: Can Behavioral Economics Help Markets to Work Better?