The Insanity of IP

Stephan Kinsella details just how much trouble one can get into because of IP laws. Please note that this doesn’t even include file-sharing:

In his paper Infringement Nation: Copyright Reform and the Law/Norm Gap, law professor John Tehranian explains how the normal activities (see pp. 543-48) of a typical Internet user–he takes an “average . . . → Read More: The Insanity of IP

The Economics of Unions

Gary Becker (link) and Richard Posner (link) opened a discussion on how unions influence policymaking decision. Recently, president Obama imposed punitive 35 percent tariff rate on imported Chinese tire (link) risking the coming trade war. Indeed, China may file a case against the U.S at the WTO, and the WTO may rule against the . . . → Read More: The Economics of Unions