Book Review

Like A Financial Analysis of al-Qaeda in Iraq, this book is rather technical and highly academic in approach. Unsurprisingly, it is a rather boring read for the most part. Furthermore, the book isn’t particularly insightful.

There were some who apparently claimed, presumably around the time this book was written, that capitalism was responsible for . . . → Read More: Book Review: South Africa’s War Against Capitalism by Walter E. Williams

Gold Demand Up, Supply Down

Two news stories in my inbox this morning from Sharelynx:

Demand Up: Gold a ‘Good Choice’ for Boosting Global Use of Yuan

“China’s trade in yuan-denominated gold investment products moves the currency closer toward global acceptance and the country should develop more of them, a central bank official said.”

Supply Down: South African gold . . . → Read More: Gold Demand Up, Supply Down

South Africa: Moving On Up

The economy of South Africa has been in an upswing since September 1999, the business quarter after Nelson Mandela was elected to his second term as president of the new republic. During this decade just past, the nation has diversified from its traditional mining and minerals base and transformed itself into a pragmatic, fiscally . . . → Read More: South Africa: Moving On Up