Public Goods

Let’s play spot the fallacies:

We do not just have governments in order to rob Peter to pay Paul. We have governments because there are things they can provide that the private sector is either unable or unwilling to provide effectively – courts, police, schools, roads, other infrastructure, etc. Conservatives focus so much on . . . → Read More: Public Goods

Education in India at the crossroads

The debate

Roughly one decade ago, there was a strong debate in India about how we should tackle the problem of education. There were two views:

Intensification On one side were those who felt that nothing was fundamentally wrong; all that was needed was more money. So we should just continue building more government . . . → Read More: Education in India at the crossroads

Government-Imposed Failure

Chuck has good idea for reforming education:

Sometimes you hear lamentation over the fact that teachers aren’t regarded with proper levels of esteem. That we have star athletes but no star teachers even when most students would benefit more from the latter. A possible solution to that problem with a keener eye for improving . . . → Read More: Government-Imposed Failure

Student Performance and Economic Growth

The 2009 PISA test study (link) of students’ proficiency in reading, mathematics and science is a highly successful method of evaluating student performance across countries. In fact, the creation of human capital is the main endogenous feature of the long-run economic growth since the quality of schooling and education system are essential to the . . . → Read More: Student Performance and Economic Growth