Demographics and the Anatomy of International Capital Flows

After a week where the deck of cards that make up the Eurozone got its so far largest jolt and where there is now not only an imminent danger of a total economic collapse in Greece but also, much more worryingly, signs that Germany herself are beginning to tire of a common monetary union . . . → Read More: Demographics and the Anatomy of International Capital Flows

What is Saving?

I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of saving money. Which brings me to what I call the fundamental question of finance: How does forgoing consumption today translate to increased consumption in the future?

In thinking about this question I have identified six distinct answers to this question:

The dog: Place a . . . → Read More: What is Saving?

Restart the bubble

An interesting statement buried in the comments to Steve Keen’s latest blog entry (which itself is worth reading as it discusses how neoclassical economics got us into this mess and how [if] it can be changed – as usual with the Keen blog, the comments are just as illuminating):

I have spoken to many . . . → Read More: Restart the bubble