сланцевый газ и металлургия США

A long time ago I was studying Russian and my Russian instructor had what I still think is one of the more insightful snippets of political wisdom.  He said (as I can remember): “In your country, economics determines politics; in my country politics determines the economy”.  And so it goes I guess.  Everyone seems . . . → Read More: сланцевый газ и металлургия США

Russian Demographics - Something Stirring in the East?

One of the reasons that I have always had a problem with Goldman Sachs’ infamous notion of the BRIC economies was not the fact that it excluded other important economies such as e.g Chile or Indonesia, but rather that Brazil, India, Russia and China never belonged in the same group. The reason . . . → Read More: Russian Demographics – Something Stirring in the East?

Interesting readings

One of the important mistakes that India is making, in terms of integration into the world economy, is in visa rules. A key element of progress there is the new `Visa on Demand’ program, which has now been expanded. The list of lucky countries now stands at: Japan, Singapore, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for January 27, 2011

Russia’s Road to Economic Recovery

Russia’s recessionary contraction has been marked with several distinct features. First, capital account deteriorated significantly. In Q3:2009 it posted a $23.7 billion deficit, reflecting net capital outflows as a result of recovery uncertainties, exchange rate and oil price volatility and the inability of the Russian banking sector of debt repayment. Thus, net capital flows . . . → Read More: Russia’s Road to Economic Recovery

Resurgent Russia Discharging Dollars


Russia with 6,592,800 square miles (17,075,400 square kilometers) spanning 11 time zones is easily the largest country in the world covering about 1/8th of its landmass.  The BRIC  economies, Brazil, Russia, India and China are both similar and different.  With only about 142 million people, tremendous natural resources and about . . . → Read More: Resurgent Russia Discharging Dollars

Russia and Georgia: A Touch of the Cold War?

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s new president, was welcomed with open arms by the Western world. It was hoped that this well-mannered lawyer would usher in a new era of diplomacy and finally allow Russia to step out of the shadow of the cold war.

But did we forget? This is Russia.

In August, Medvedev demonstrated . . . → Read More: Russia and Georgia: A Touch of the Cold War?