On Target by Laura Rowley

Written in 2003, this book takes a decidedly narrow look at what the retailer Target into such a large and profitable enterprise. While Wal-Mart tends to receive considerably more attention for its relatively short rise to dominance, going from one store to a major American brand in a just a couple of decades, Target . . . → Read More: On Target by Laura Rowley


It’s the reason this happened:

Authorities say a teenage girl was trampled at a western Michigan Walmart store and suffered minor injuries after getting caught in a rush to a sale in the electronics department.

The Muskegon Chronicle reports the girl was taken to a local hospital Friday morning. Fruitport Township Supervisor Brian Werschem . . . → Read More: Greed

Holiday Blues

PG has a gloomy picture of seasonal hiring; based mostly it seems on some national punditry.  Never fear, regional seasonal trends in retail employment look awfully metronomic (see below).  Seasonal spikes of between 6 and 9K jobs spikes from September to December are pretty consistent, even during the worst of the recession here a . . . → Read More: Holiday Blues

Jobs Uber Alles

Can I nominate the most underappreciated economic story from last weekend. In the Valley News Dispatch is this detailed piece: Pittsburgh Mills may be attracting shoppers, but may take years to reap ‘full potential’

Which would have a host of great essay questions for students of economic development.  In there is a line about how local . . . → Read More: Jobs Uber Alles

Beige Book Summary is the Best of 2009

On Wednesday the Fed released its summary of comments received from its 12 regional districts in the November time-frame. The notes represent a collection of comments from businesses and other contacts outside the Federal Reserve and does not necessarily represent the views of Federal Reserve officials.

The regional reports indicate that economic conditions continue . . . → Read More: Beige Book Summary is the Best of 2009

Buy a suit at Jos. A. Bank, let them give you a bank!

Gosh, I’m so sick of their commercials. Where do they get the goofball with the infinitely joyful sing-song voice, who is always offering ever more fantastic deals on clothing that no one needs! Buy three suits, get five free!!! For what, dude? Don’t have no job, don’t need no suit!Or if you had a . . . → Read More: Buy a suit at Jos. A. Bank, let them give you a bank!

Why Retail is Doomed Until Corporations Go Away

I read recently that Barnes & Noble may soon be acquiring Borders. Borders belongs to K-Mart which is now combined in some weird and not very successful way with Sears, and K-Mart is struggling. Sears is doing even worse, much worse, and so Borders is about to go the way of all flesh. When . . . → Read More: Why Retail is Doomed Until Corporations Go Away