Book Review

Like A Financial Analysis of al-Qaeda in Iraq, this book is rather technical and highly academic in approach. Unsurprisingly, it is a rather boring read for the most part. Furthermore, the book isn’t particularly insightful.

There were some who apparently claimed, presumably around the time this book was written, that capitalism was responsible for . . . → Read More: Book Review: South Africa’s War Against Capitalism by Walter E. Williams

Is There a Correlation Between Crime and the Economy?

Crime rates should drop during good economic times and rise during bad ones. So very soon if you are walking the streets of New York late at night, you may be at risk of being mugged by gangs of investment bankers, driven to acts of desperate violence by the travails of the credit markets. . . . → Read More: Is There a Correlation Between Crime and the Economy?

Neo-Nazism in Europe

Extremist political groups and parties often flourish in regions of economic deprivation, where populations feel alienated from the establishment, disillusioned by mainstream politics and seek convenient scapegoats for their circumstances. This may mean that one outcome of the current global economic downturn and its exacerbating impact on already disadvantaged areas may be a expansion . . . → Read More: Neo-Nazism in Europe

Scapegoating: The Last American Growth Industry

Recently I read a disturbing article by a young South Carolina mother entitled “A Letter to Illegal Mexican Walmart Shoppers.” (Editor’s note: the article’s original URL no longer exists. Click here to read it from Google’s cached pages.) The gist of the letter is that, in this woman’s opinion, Mexican Walmart shoppers are rude, . . . → Read More: Scapegoating: The Last American Growth Industry