Parks = $$

So the WSJ has an article today out of some research out of New York City on the value of being located near a park:  Parks Elevate Office Rents – h/t @otiswhite for catching that.

So just a shout out to a former student who looked at something similar here and quantified the  $$ . . . → Read More: Parks = $$

The UK under the loop – Safe Haven for How Much Longer?

One of the extraordinary effects of the euro zone debt crisis has been the manner in which the market and media have taken the notion of safe haven investment to heart. Consider for example the fact that the situation we are currently in largely comes down to too much debt tied to real . . . → Read More: The UK under the loop – Safe Haven for How Much Longer?

City Living

So an overly curious mind has me wondering what the state of the Downtown condo market is of late. Just thinking because I first saw this note of a refinancing of Piatt Place, aka the former Lazarus, aka once the center of all dire talk on the future of Downtown. News said it was able . . . → Read More: City Living

Truly Something

Didn’t get to this with the population/migration data released yesterday, but clearly related to those trends.  New data from Trulia on regional real estate markets has some ever more remarkable numbers for Pittsburgh and a reported 9+% annual increase in the asking prices of real estate here.  Not the highest in the nation, but . . . → Read More: Truly Something

Henry George is Kaput

So if you read the latest on property assessments in the PG today : 10 percent appealing assessments, there was an interesting obituary for Henry George there between the lines.

There was this quote reported direct from Judge Wettick:

Separate land values were “really confusing people” and many appeared to “make no sense,” Judge . . . → Read More: Henry George is Kaput

Wait a minute....

So remember when the headlines about property assessments in Allegheny County were near apogee not very long ago?  I thought the clear message was that all the local real estate deals were being canceled because the owners didn’t like their assessment values. The end is nigh was the talking point all around.  Remember specifically . . . → Read More: Wait a minute….

and again, what does the assessment mean to me?

So folks in the north and west of Allegheny County getting their new assessment values in the mail.  Like most everyone else in the county there is likely a lot of confusion by what the letter is telling them since it says so little.  All it has are new and old assessment values and . . . → Read More: And again, what does the assessment mean to me?

Assessment angst around?

So am I misperceiving things, or is angst over reassessments pretty quiet?  A decade ago the surge against assessments was virtually nonstop for over a year.

Anyway. In the news today is a note that a Downtown office building, Penn Avenue Place. sold for $54 million.   It’s current assessed value: $35.9 million.   It’s 2012 . . . → Read More: Assessment angst around?

Assessment cycle anew

News accounts say that Allegheny County has today posted online its new assessment values for southern municipalities.  For all those folks, and everyone else in the county, my colleagues have made up a useful interactive map with all recent real estate transactions across Allegheny county.  It might be helpful for example for those looking to . . . → Read More: Assessment cycle anew

Best and Highest Value Use

So this is interesting and no, this isn’t really about assessments. I mean, it is about assessments, but there are so many bigger issues rolled into this new legal development.

In the new litigant a week merry-go-round in Judge Wettick’s courtroom (it really must be getting crowded), the latest is the (collective) property owner of . . . → Read More: Best and Highest Value Use