What’s Driving High Healthcare Costs?

Princeton economist, Uwe Reinhardt, contributes regularly to The New York Times Economix Blog. Recently he wrote, in “Health Care Payers Push Back Against Costs“ that high U.S. healthcare costs are driven by several factors:

American’s over-use of high-cost/high-tech services owing to some American’s being over-insured. High administrative costs (mostly in the health insurance area) Higher . . . → Read More: What’s Driving High Healthcare Costs?

Health Care Consumers

People are bringing up the point that people simply don’t shop for health care. That we’re not consumers. Usually that people are non-economists, like some ER doc who thinks that he had to study for 8 years to become a doc, but that economists are just people with opinions. Or like Paul Krugman, who . . . → Read More: Health Care Consumers