More On Wealth Inequality

From Vox Day:

However, both works share the same recognition of the intrinsically flawed nature of the three primary forms of government: monarchy, aristocracy and democracy. They also recognize the way these forms tend to degrade over time and transform into the others. Both Plato and Cicero are fundamentally skeptical about democracy, as Plato . . . → Read More: More On Wealth Inequality

When and where do great feats of architecture come about?

Why do some places achieve great feats of architecture, while others routinely opt for merely functional structures? The economist in me is instinctively unsatisfied at a claim that America lacks great architecture because they have poor taste. Taste-based explanations are a cop-out. Instead, how about the following five angles:

Surplus To go beyond merely . . . → Read More: When and Where Do Great Feats of Architecture Come About?

Lawrence Lessig on Obama’s First Year

Well, I listened to Larry talking about how Obama failed to change anything. And I heard about Larry’s plan to change this: Citizen Funded Elections. It’s astounding how someone so smart can miss the mark by so much. The problem is not that special interests are buying congressmen. The problem is that congressmen . . . → Read More: Lawrence Lessig on Obama’s First Year

Statists and Power

As mentioned in my previous post, most businessmen will do anything they can to preserve their position.  This extends to people in all realms.  Whether manufacturers, farmers, financiers, academics or politicians, those who wish to preserve their power will promote as many measures as necessary to do so.  In the case of those in . . . → Read More: Statists and Power

How Can a Conservative Favor Centralization of Power?

One of my reasons for reading Tony Abbott’s recent book, “Battlelines”, was to remind myself why I am not a conservative. The more serious reason was to find our how a politician who proudly wears the conservative label would attempt to justify proposing an amendment to the Australian constitution that would remove current restrictions . . . → Read More: How Can a Conservative Favor Centralization of Power?