Rust Belt Ball

City… region….city…region….

See the USAToday with the most ill-conceived thesis ever in this article today: Indians, Tigers, Pirates and Reds fighting population loss in the Rust Belt.

Does anyone in the world really think Pirates’ attendance problems (worst in the NL according to the article) have anything at all to do with population loss . . . → Read More: Rust Belt Ball

Can New Zealand catch up to Australia?

Is New Zealand disadvantaged by economic geography to such an extent that it cannot hope to catch up to Australia’s average income levels, even with further improvements in institutions and policies? That is probably the most important question considered in the second report of the 2025 Taskforce that was released a few days ago.

. . . → Read More: Can New Zealand catch up to Australia?

The System of the World (Part II)

In part two of this series, I examine global demographic trends and take an initial look at the implications for global GDP growth, and by extension, the outlook for the current world-system of debt-money, as defined in part 1.

The general demographic trend over the last 500 years, and particularly so since . . . → Read More: The System of the World (Part II)