The business of Indian politics

Raymond Fisman, Florian Schulz and Vikrant Vig have a fascinating new working paper: Private returns to public office, which gives us new insights into Indian politics.

We know that elections in India are typically rather close. There is something almost capricious about who wins and who doesn’t. The random outcome of an election can, . . . → Read More: The business of Indian politics

The Most Influential Global Thinkers

Foreign Policy composed the rank of the most influential global thinkers (link).

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Obamacare Is Not Possible

Folks, I have bad news for you. The Barack Obama Health Care Reform (shepherded through by Nancy Pelosi) will be, as written, an utter and unmitigated disaster. It attempts to do two things which are, in combination, impossible. First, it makes health insurance much more widely available through the mind-boggling deal it made . . . → Read More: Obamacare Is Not Possible

Starving The Vampire Squids

The vampire squids of Wall Street and Washington DC are parasitic organisms and you are locked in mortal combat with them.  They desire to suck all the value they can from you and then toss your carcass aside.  As with most parasites they prefer subtle tactics that do not attract attention.

But now the . . . → Read More: Starving The Vampire Squids

Interview With John Rubino

On 12 August 2009 I interviewed (mp3) John Rubino of for the 48th episode of the RunToGold Podcast about economics versus political dogma, the two paths for the FRN$ currency crisis, the Fear Index and potential solutions individuals can take to protect and preserve their wealth during the transition and increase of political . . . → Read More: Interview With John Rubino

This Isn’t About Democrat vs. Republican Anymore

In light of the recent Tea Parties, Janet Napolitano and her cronies labelled many people like myself as right-wing extremists. Now, I’m kind of used to hearing this by now given that I grew up in New Jersey and go to a university where only global-warming-fear-mongering, jihadist-appeasing (largely anti-Semitic), Marxist-sympathizing, military-hating, sovereignty-sacrificing chaps are . . . → Read More: This Isn’t About Democrat vs. Republican Anymore

The Contributions of AIG in Perspective, Who Wrecked Them

I just spent an hour today going through American International Group’s last twenty years of Annual Reports, finding out how much tax AIG has paid over the last 20 years, working out estimates of how much tax its employees have paid on their incomes and how much has been remitted to the Treasury on . . . → Read More: The Contributions of AIG in Perspective, Who Wrecked Them

Why a Culture of Speculation Has Led to the Economic Crisis

As the global economy stalls, the media is working hard to identify those responsible for the economic chaos, but is there really a distinct group of people to blame? The issues and events driving the current economic slowdown are complex, and it is therefore impossible to identify a single cause – but oil speculators . . . → Read More: Why a Culture of Speculation Has Led to the Economic Crisis