Things to worry about

Is this not one of the biggest threats to Pittsburgh’s economy in years?

AP:Army Corps cuts river flow, raising barge worries on Mississippi

Why a local economic story? A lot of this stuff is not leaving here by plane:

If you dig into that export data lots of things pop out.  The value of . . . → Read More: Things to worry about

Old is new again

So the CP daily blogh points to some recent reporting from PublicSource here in town on the impact of bid rigging in some municipal bonds for local school districts and the Port Authority.  I am unclear what the new news is. Some may recall a few old posts on this here.  August 2011: Monty . . . → Read More: Old is new again

Rust Belt Redux

So BLS is reporting that the Pittsburgh regions seasonally adjusted unemployment rate ticked up to 7.4% in September, from 7.3% in August.  It is a curious artifact of the new seasonal adjustment in that the seasonally unadjusted rate for the region was 6.7% in September of 2011, AND September of 2012.

I thought to . . . → Read More: Rust Belt Redux

Yunz are cactus now

So this really is a remarkable bit of labor reporting….

The Wall Street Journal has an in depth look at a Pittsburgher who moved to Australia in August in search of well paying employment.   See: American Fills a Jobs Shortage—in the Aussie Outback – An American’s Coveted Gig: Three-Week Shifts at Mining Port in . . . → Read More: Yunz are cactus now

Morning over the Alleghenies

No time to parse, but some might want to see the latest promo piece (too long to be advertisement…  certainly not a documentary so I am not sure what to classify it as) from the MSC folks on all things Natural Gas in Pennsylvania.

If I were to  parse a bit I would start with . . . → Read More: Morning over the Alleghenies

Counting destiny

Yesterday was a small story that comes out annually on the state of enrollment in the Pittsburgh School District.  PG: City Schools Enrollment Drop Less Than Expected. The story focuses on just a couple numbers being reported by the school district, but it is of course a story based on a whole lot of . . . → Read More: Counting destiny

Retroactive record setting unemployment rates

Little noticed in the media, but there was a big change in labor force stats routinely reported on each month for the Pittsburgh region.

A few may remember this post from April when I mentioned that the Bureau of Labor Statistics was reporting seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for the Pittsburgh region that were different . . . → Read More: Retroactive record setting unemployment rates

Water on Fire

Some may have noticed the emerging marketing theme arguing that Pittsburgh is a place for investment because of…   water. As in H2O.  The veracity of that is a topic unto itself. I always find it curious how the argument can be made when much of the region is subject to what could be a . . . → Read More: Water on Fire

I need a Spanish translation for ‘Cleveburgh’

Cleveland Plain Dealer today:  Cleveland will declare ‘Bienvenidos’ and try to catch the Hispanic wave

Sort of a Cleveland version of what we read locally recently: PG: Pittsburgh Promise aims to lure Hispanics with financial aid except with more data.  Note the Cleveland PD’s benchmarking of local Hispanic populations. This isn’t a Steeler Nation . . . → Read More: I need a Spanish translation for ‘Cleveburgh’

Which number do I use?

So here is a labor force story in the news today. Trib:  Job search dropouts abound

The theme there?  The labor force participation rate has been trending down.  Ok.  Hold that thought, but remember that the labor force participation rate is the labor force divided by the working age population variously defined.

Now what . . . → Read More: Which number do I use?