Tale of two charts

With December data recently out.  More and more workers in Pittsburgh, and another new all-time high in the size of the regional labor force. Bigger observation is that the rate of labor force growth here is not slowing down either. In fact, for December it was the largest year over year increase in the region’s labor force in . . . → Read More: Tale of two charts

Johnstown forever

So if there is any doubt what drives the stats behind this article today: Full home ownership here is nation’s best, it really is pretty simple.  Of those who did not leave Pittsburgh, we have not had many folks move around.  Likely for many depressed home values prevented the type of equity appreciation that . . . → Read More: Johnstown forever

Shale R Us

So if you care about what the (r)evolution in shale gas development means to the economy and have some illusion it is a simple question this is required reading…    NYT: Would Exporting the Natural Gas Surplus Help The Economy, or Hurt?

On how bad forecasting energy markets can be. Coalguru: Natural gas prices . . . → Read More: Shale R Us

Rent R Us

Of note in Bloomberg today: ”…Pittsburgh, where rents are at their highest in more than a decade.”  Anyone have the underlying report?

In itself the writeup is curious in what it omits, but it raises the spectre of a bigger conundrum.  Most benchmarking of cost of living differences between regions mostly come down to housing costs.  . . . → Read More: Rent R Us

Apples and oranges and counting workers

OK… this is for labor force wonks only.

So if you read the official press release on the monthly dump of labor force statistics, a headline the state points out is that the count of total unemployed in the region dropped by 2,000 between October and November, and that was the largest monthly drop since . . . → Read More: Apples and oranges and counting workers

Help still wanted

Some may have read the article today in the PG on women in Pittsburgh’s labor force.   It references a report we did some years ago on gender wage differences in the Pittsburgh region. Note the story today does not mention the third author Susan Hansen as well for the record.   No matter how . . . → Read More: Help still wanted

The real article worth reading in the PG

So yes, you may think I would most want to self reference this piece in the PG:  For Pittsburgh a future not reliant on steel was unthinkable … and unavoidable

But no, the more important thing to read is on the “Next Page” and the idea of bringing rapid transit to Cranberry. See: Go North. Light Rail. . . . → Read More: The real article worth reading in the PG

The butterfly and the tulip

If you doubt the world is flat, there is now clearly a direct link between the economic Ch’i of both Canonsburg and Rajasthan:

Wall Street Journal this morning: For Guar Gum, a Bubble Goes Pop

Followed up this evening on Marketplace: How fracking affects a bean grown in India

The new metro gazelles?

So if you want to see the gloomiest picture of Downtown used in an upbeat story see today’s headine.

Reuters: Only three major U.S. cities see economic recovery: study

What 3 you have to ask?  Lots of ink on this one from all over, but nary a mention locally? Even reverb over the pond of . . . → Read More: The new metro gazelles?

more people……

Boring unemployment news today… or is it.  Another jump in Pittsburgh’s labor force. See interactive graph for more.  Pittsburgh MSA labor force +26K year over year through October. Works out to +2.1% or more than double US labor force growth (+1%) over the same period.

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