Does Piracy Harm Sales?

That’s the question asked by Michael Smith.  He doesn’t do a very good job answering:

My colleague, Rahul Telang, and I recently finished a paper reviewing the academic research on the impact of piracy on sales. Our review finds that, when viewed as a whole, the academic literature strongly suggests that piracy harms media . . . → Read More: Does Piracy Harm Sales?

Not Much

Chris Sprigman asks how much piracy hurts the economy:

Supporters of stronger intellectual property enforcement — such as those behind the proposed new Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) bills in Congress — argue that online piracy is a huge problem, one which costs the U.S. economy between $200 and . . . → Read More: Not Much

Bloody Pirates

So John Nolte has a post at Big Hollywood that attempts to explain why DVD sales have declined.

Blu-Ray sales have cannibalized some DVD sales, as has the rise of RedBox, Netflix, and Hulu. But Nolte posits that this is not enough to explain the decline. He argues that the reason for the decline . . . → Read More: Bloody Pirates

More on Private Protection of IP

Just to clarify from an earlier post, my stance on protecting IP is that is wrong for the government to do so, but I have no issue if a private business wants to protect its intellectual creation. Furthermore, I am not a piracy positivist. I do not believe that people have a “right” to . . . → Read More: More on Private Protection of IP

E-Book Pricing: This Will Not Stand

A book chosen at random from the coming week’s New York Times mass market paperback fiction best-seller list: The Midnight House, by Alex Berenson. Haven’t read it. Don’t know if I ever will. That’s not what this is about. Here’s what this is about:

Mass market paperback cover price: $9.99 Amazon Kindle e-book price: . . . → Read More: E-Book Pricing: This Will Not Stand

Nollywood: Is Better Distribution the Remedy for Piracy?

While my colleagues at Berkman are very good about scheduling many of the Center’s most exciting events on Tuesdays – the day I leave western MA for the wonders of Cambridge – there are lots of events too good to miss the other six days of the week that I attend virtually. In Berkman . . . → Read More: Nollywood: Is Better Distribution the Remedy for Piracy?

Why Software Piracy Isn't Theft

Demonstrates why Software Piracy and Pirated Music should not be considered as theft. . . . → Read More: Why Software Piracy Isn’t Theft

Why Microsoft Windows’ Survival Depends on Piracy

An explanation of why it is Microsoft’s best Interests never to stop the piracy of Windows. . . . → Read More: Why Microsoft Windows’ Survival Depends on Piracy