Beyond the Burgh – Peak Pennsylvania Labor Force as well

I tend to forget the state stuff, but I should have noticed this. Pennsylvania hit a new all-time labor force peak with the September data that came out a couple weeks ago.

Link: Data and chart from BLS.

Specifically the PA labor force is showing over 6.5 million for the first time ever.  Topping . . . → Read More: Beyond the Burgh – Peak Pennsylvania Labor Force as well

Daily Digit: 0.32% 0.19%

So maybe I need to get into a daily digit type of routine.  Of late there is a round of news around the state how municipalities are going to use their shale gas impact fee windfall.  Here is the Inky’s version: PA towns savor drilling impact-fee checks.

How much of a windfall is . . . → Read More: Daily Digit: 0.32% 0.19%

Morning over the Alleghenies

No time to parse, but some might want to see the latest promo piece (too long to be advertisement…  certainly not a documentary so I am not sure what to classify it as) from the MSC folks on all things Natural Gas in Pennsylvania.

If I were to  parse a bit I would start with . . . → Read More: Morning over the Alleghenies

Allegheny County #1

So just an update on the latest data from the Census Bureau’s Small Area Health Insurance Estimates program which put out 2010 data last month.  noted last year was that for 2009 the estimated health insurance coverage for children (under age 18) population was higher than any county in Pennsylvania.

So with 2010 data that is . . . → Read More: Allegheny County #1

Invisible hand hard to see

So I am really missing something here.  Why is there not someone out there noticing a big no brainer opportunity and investing themselves in the infrastructure needed to sell shale gas to local utilities?

See Trib today: Equitable’s plan to use more local gas is challenged

There is a deeper story embedded in all . . . → Read More: Invisible hand hard to see

So has natural gas drilling increased in Pennsylvania?

This week EIA hightlights this look at how natural gas development has changed in Pennsylania over the last 7 years.

29 is the new zero

So here is an issue a lot of us have been kvetching about for a long time.  Bloomberg has this today on the vast unknown of how all the thousands of municipal pension funds in Pennsylvania spend to administer their pension plans: Pennsylvania Pays Pension Penalty as Bond Costs Climb.   It may be the . . . → Read More: 29 is the new zero

10% or bust

Let’s stick with the state theme for now.  So there is a lot of news today about the state of manufacturing in Pennsylvania.   Seems like some of that might be slightly interested in what we know about past trends.   Here is that trend data in manufacturing employment put in terms of a percentage of total employment.

What do . . . → Read More: 10% or bust

Trouble in Paradise

Speaking of data produced in Harrisburg, last week was the monthly dump of labor force data for the state.  All bad, right? Let’s go beyond the headline and look at national data to do some simple benchmarking to see how Pennsylvania did compared to other states.  I’ll only pose one question with this which . . . → Read More: Trouble in Paradise

To parse

So just to go beyond the headlines a bit looking at some recent news on the state’s unemployment rate for July.  Headline is the unemployment rate ticked up 3/10th’s of a percent which is not good.  Yet at the same time the labor force increased and is just a blip below its all . . . → Read More: To parse