The left-libertarian argument against corporations, in brief

This is intended as a brief response to Tibor R. Machan’s latest piece:

It has always been my view that corporations are groups of people united for various purposes, often to benefit from a business venture guided by competent management. Initially I worried little about the legal details, nor even about the legal history. . . . → Read More: The left-libertarian argument against corporations, in brief

Watching markets work: Bad move, Nokia

I have long marveled about how quickly the world of mobile phones has rapidly moved through four paradigms. My first mobile phone was a Nokia and they seemed to rule. But then Blackberry won because Nokia did not get the importance of email. And then Apple won because Blackberry did not look beyond email. . . . → Read More: Watching Markets Work: Bad Move, Nokia

AT&T, The (Apple) Brand Destroyer

One of the most recognized, innovative and valuable brands in the world, Apple, is under assault.  Apple has long been known for its fanatical followers, innovative solutions like a graphical user interface or the mouse and stylish products that meld hardware and software to create the best user experience possible.

With several successful product . . . → Read More: AT&T, The (Apple) Brand Destroyer