Fat Taxes


Things are never so simple, of course. The tax has already been received by many Danish firms as a ‘bureaucratic nightmare’, piling on additional costs to firms in an already tough period. Once more, any tax such as this is going to be inherently regressive; those least able to afford any price increases . . . → Read More: Fat Taxes

Natural Consequences


The justification for pushing people around like this is the NHS. Shouldn’t people have to pay for their own illnesses? Well, yes – that’s how personal responsibility works. But having an NHS removes the personal responsibility, and artificial attempts to inject it into the system are doubly illiberal and wrong.

The government (and . . . → Read More: Natural Consequences

The Cost of Obesity

The Economic Effects of a Soda Tax

Greg Mankiw (link) and David Leonhardt (link) have opened a debate on whether govenrment policymakers should levy a tax on soda and other soft drinks as an attempt to reverse the growing trend of obesity among the U.S. population. The idea of taxing soda has become popular as governments around the world have recorded . . . → Read More: The Economic Effects of a Soda Tax

New Links To Stroke Discovered

Stroke affects men and women around the world in a devastating manner. Although some strokes are more severe than others, they almost always lead to a change in the patient’s lifestyle. Recently, two articles have found interesting links to stroke, what may cause it and easy ways to attempt to prevent it.

When many . . . → Read More: New Links To Stroke Discovered