Pigs and Power

Many decades ago, George Orwell wrote a book called Animal Farm. It used a farm as a metaphor for society and depicted the transformation of a productive enterprise into a totalitarian regime. The progress toward dictatorship took small steps that were held to be in the best interests of “the people.” Equality of conditions . . . → Read More: Pigs and Power

Jobs Created

I just cringe whenever I hear Obama or his minions talking about how they created or saved N jobs. As an economist, I’m trained to look for the other side of the coin. Yin and Yang. The coin cannot not have another side if it is to be a coin. So when the government . . . → Read More: Jobs Created

Five Things to Get Your Morning Started

1. A White House report shows that H1N1 may kill 90,000 – I’m going to come out out right now and say that I don’t know how exactly the White House is going to play this, or what tactics they are going to use, but they are going to try to use this virus . . . → Read More: Five Things to Get Your Morning Started

Read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow”

If you want to understand Democrat fantasies in the absence of financial constraint or common sense, read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow.” Reed Hundt is a permanent member of the American political class, a Yalie, a partner in a high-powered law firm, head of Bill Clinton’s FCC, and a member of Barack Obama’s . . . → Read More: Read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow”

Financial Market Conditions at Mid-Year

As one of the large number of Americans who depends on a positive business and investment environment for his prosperity, I regarded the election of Barack Obama as president with Democrat majorities in the House and Senate with considerable concern.

But more than the usual number of my fellow businesspeople and investors supported them, . . . → Read More: Financial Market Conditions at Mid-Year

From FDR to Obama – the Destruction of Our Rights

Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed a “Second Bill of Rights” during his State of the Union Address in 1944. He noted that while “under the protection of certain inalienable rights…our nation has grown in size and stature, however—as our industrial economy expanded—these political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness….true . . . → Read More: From FDR to Obama – the Destruction of Our Rights

Coming Soon: New Currency Order

Whatever you think of the young administration of President Barack Obama, you have to admit the man does not lack for ambition. He promised that sea levels would fall and the lame would walk, and everyone understands that will take at least a couple more months. But taking over the motor industry, well that’s . . . → Read More: Coming Soon: New Currency Order

What is Our Nation Coming To?

When I started Socialist Watch, I did not anticipate how quickly things would unravel in the US and abroad. Perhaps it is because despite my best judgment, I did not want to believe it. Unfortunately, my worst nightmares are being realized. This time, things are different. When Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a . . . → Read More: What is Our Nation Coming To?

The Irony Of Antitrust

Hurting consumers presumably involves restricting output and raising prices, as antitrust theory goes. Preventing that sounds heroic, like being the champion of the people, but the reality is that antitrust actions have a much better record of protecting inefficient companies at the expense of more efficient competitors and consumers. . . . → Read More: The Irony Of Antitrust

Can President Obama “Fix” The Economy?

On December 1, 2008, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) made the shocking announcement that the U.S. economy is in recession. In fact, NBER says we’ve been in a recession since last December. That this was considered “news” is yet another indictment of the mainstream media. Who exactly didn’t know that the . . . → Read More: Can President Obama “Fix” The Economy?