Why Not Default

Seriously, what’s so difficult about allowing student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy?

Today, President Obama is effectively giving college students and their parents his middle finger. Whereas Jobs’ prank was harmless and symbolic, the President’s plan to bail out student loans will derail the  entrepreneurial dreams and financial security of countless young people. . . . → Read More: Why Not Default

Five More Days

With the doomsday clock showing that America is five days away from the Economic Apocalypse™, I can’t help but wish that Boehner finally grows a pair and stands up against any proposed increases in the federal debt ceiling. I’ve noted multiple times before how an increase in federal debt is a horrible, horrible idea, . . . → Read More: Five More Days

Bush Tax Cuts and Economic Growth

In 2001 and 2003, former U.S president George W. Bush signed Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act (EGTRAA) and Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (JGTRAA). EGTRAA reduced personal income tax rates, increased child tax credit, decreased estate tax and introduced a various range of tax-favored retirement savings plans. In 2003 when EGTRAA . . . → Read More: Bush Tax Cuts and Economic Growth

Obama: More Tax Cuts for Small Businesses

Late last month, President Barack Obama signed legislation that will cut taxes and provide credit help for small businesses. It is yet another step that the government is taking to continue programs that spur job growth in the U.S. economy.

The Small Business Jobs Act is now the fourth jobs measure that Congress has . . . → Read More: Obama: More Tax Cuts for Small Businesses

Don’t Repeal/Litigate, Nullify/Interpose!

Well, they’ve gone and screwed it up — 14 state attorneys general have filed lawsuits against ObamaCare.

If the states really want to beat ObamaCare, litigation isn’t the way to go about it. Nullification/interposition is.

In litigation, the parties accept that the courts have jurisdiction over this or that issue, and walk away with . . . → Read More: Don’t Repeal/Litigate, Nullify/Interpose!

The Stimulus – One Year Later…

Many of you have emailed us with the Organizing for America’s chart on job savings and creation since the stimulus bill was passed last year.

I’ve recreated their chart here:

We all know there is a long way to go and many Americans are still struggling to find jobs, but there is certainly . . . → Read More: The Stimulus – One Year Later…

If Obama’s Not Serious About Freezing or Cutting “Defense” Spending …

… then he’s not serious about freezing or cutting spending.

Glenn Greenwald elaborates on just how friggin’ big and bloated the US “defense” budget is over at Salon. My shorter version:

The US spends almost as much as the rest of the world combined on “defense.” It spends six times as much as the . . . → Read More: If Obama’s Not Serious About Freezing or Cutting “Defense” Spending …

A Brief Message to President Obama

Government cannot fix America’s problems.  Only innovative, responsible individuals acting according to their own free will can help cure what ails us.  If government could solve all our problems, then government might as well centrally plan society, but as we have seen in every instance in which this has been tried, the sole result . . . → Read More: A Brief Message to President Obama

Obama’s Left Turn

I wrote a column in Financial Express about Obama’s left turn. Also see:

The associated editorial in Financial Express. White House nightmare persists by Ed Luce in the Financial Times. Neil Irwin in The Washington Post on the difficulties that Bernanke is facing on getting a second term. Also, see this sharp drop in . . . → Read More: Obama’s Left Turn

Lawrence Lessig on Obama’s First Year

Well, I listened to Larry talking about how Obama failed to change anything. And I heard about Larry’s plan to change this: Citizen Funded Elections. It’s astounding how someone so smart can miss the mark by so much. The problem is not that special interests are buying congressmen. The problem is that congressmen . . . → Read More: Lawrence Lessig on Obama’s First Year