Parks = $$

So the WSJ has an article today out of some research out of New York City on the value of being located near a park:  Parks Elevate Office Rents – h/t @otiswhite for catching that.

So just a shout out to a former student who looked at something similar here and quantified the  $$ . . . → Read More: Parks = $$

Why ask why?

Let’s see.  News from New York City is that their municipal pension funds are doing pretty well and were up over 20% over the last year.  I wonder how that compares to the City of Pittsburgh’s investment return?  Oh, nevermind. Does not seem to be a question anyone cares about.

Actually, not to be . . . → Read More: Why ask why?

Pittsburgh's energy boom

Circa 1916 I should mention.  Though it does read much like the advertisement from our friend Mr. McKelvey. I saw some other ad similar to that recently, but forgot to grab it to make a copy.

Radium, by the way, was selling for $70,000 per gram at one time around then.  That’s . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh’s Energy Boom

Marcellus Watch

So there is and isn’t lots of Marcellus news floating around.  A lot, but most has been written before in other formats…. but on it goes.

Trib has today: Low natural gas prices no boon for shale.  PG had related article yesterday: Shale gas affecting industry’s pricing

Yet Forbes has this: Chesapeake Could Be . . . → Read More: Marcellus Watch for January 17, 2011

Biz Friendly Pennsylvania

I need to apologize.  I have been harshing on the Marcellus Shale Coalition for their loud calls for boycotting the City of Pittsburgh and asking why they do not engage in similar tactics with New York State which has a much more extensive moratorium on Marcellus Shale development.  Yet, I guess I was wrong . . . → Read More: Biz Friendly Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Past. Pittsburgh Future?

Required reading in itself is Harvard’s Ed Glaeser latest in City Journal: Start-Up City Entrepreneurs are the heroes of New York’s past and the key to its future.

What I caught first was the reference to former Pitt Economist, the late Ben Chinitz, and his thoughts direct from his seminal work. Contrasts in Agglomeration: New York . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh Past. Pittsburgh Future?

N.Y. Manufacturing Accelerates into the New Year

The New York Federal Reserve’s Empire State manufacturing survey report released on Friday indicates accelerating December-to-January growth in the New York region. The general business conditions index rose signficantly from 4.2 in December to 15.92. (any reading above zero indicates month-to-month growth; the larger the number, the faster the growth).

The new manufacturing orders . . . → Read More: N.Y. Manufacturing Accelerates into the New Year