They See Netflix Rollin', They Hatin'

Sigh … here we go again.

Those of us old enough to remember the debut of the VRC also remember that In The Beginning, moviemakers tried to get a hundred bucks or so per tape. Thus was born the video rental industry, which they weren’t able to kill even by bringing the sell price . . . → Read More: They See Netflix Rollin’, They Hatin’

How Netflix Destroyed Blockbuster

Interesting Readings for August 18, 2010

Tom Wright and Siobhan Gorman in the Wall Street Journal on new thinking by Pakistan’s ISI about who is enemy #1.

Tamal Bandyopadhyay in the Mint on the campaign against C. B. Bhave. Also see Ashok Desai and Mahesh Vyas on these issues.

A. K. Bhattacharya in the Business Standard on the . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for August 18, 2010