Caught out by Reality in Europe

The rumour mill is grinding particularly fast at the moment. Germany and France seem to be working on the famous nuclear solution, Spain plays tough on outsiders, the IMF is rumoured to be preparing an aid package for Italy not to mention Hungary and Austria (just like Belgium) has entered the rating agencies’ cross . . . → Read More: Caught out by Reality in Europe

Michael Berry: $1,600 Gold in Reach

Gold is once again hitting new highs, closing at $1,589/oz. on July 14. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Dr. Michael Berry, principal of and editor of Morning Notes, predicts $1,700 gold by year-end and points to the juniors that could bask in the enhanced glow of all the metals, . . . → Read More: Michael Berry: $1,600 Gold in Reach

India's privatisation problem

When the UPA came to power, the word privatisation was buried, partly out of deference for the communist parties which were supporting the UPA. The sale of shares did revive after the UPA-2 commenced [history].

On a global scale, the experience with firms like British Airways and AlItalia has done a lot to persuade . . . → Read More: India’s Privatisation Problem

Did the Labor Party Own ‘The Light on the Hill’?

Over the last few years quite a few political commentators have been saying that no-one really knows any more what the Australian Labor Party stands for. Some of them contrast modern Labor’s apparent absence of philosophical underpinnings with ‘the light on the hill’ that former prime minister, Ben Chifley, spoke of in 1949.

I . . . → Read More: Did the Labor Party Own ‘The Light on the Hill’?