A Patently Good Idea

From Gigaom:

A U.S. judge yesterday threw aside a much-anticipated trial between Apple and Google-owned Motorola Mobility over smartphone patents. The decision and a blog comment by the same judge could prove to be a watershed moment for a U.S. patent system that has spiraled out of control.

In his remarkable ruling, U.S. Circuit . . . → Read More: A Patently Good Idea

Regulated cost of capital for airports

Many elements of infrastructure have natural monopoly characteristics. Under these conditions, if the owner of the infrastructure is profit-maximising, he is likely to impose high user charges and extract a monopoly rent. As a consequence, in many infrastructure services in most countries, independent regulators are established which control the user charge.

The critical building . . . → Read More: Regulated cost of capital for airports

On Wealth Inequality

Joseph Stiglitz:

Inequality is bad for growth, stability and efficiency. … Inequality peaked both before the Great Depression and before the Great Recession, and it’s not an accident. So basically, when we have a lot of inequality, demand goes down. … All this inequality was offset by creating a bubble. The bubble allowed people . . . → Read More: On Wealth Inequality

European Antitrust Policy

From The Economist (link):

“Nevertheless, it is unclear how a transatlantic row can be avoided along the lines of the spat in 2001, when a planned merger between General Electric and Honeywell caused a stink. The commission worries that a union between Oracle and Sun would reduce competition in the market for corporate databases. . . . → Read More: European Antitrust Policy

Google-Yahoo Deal Under Investigation by Justice Department

The high-profile advertising partnership between Google and Yahoo announced in June after merger talks between Microsoft and Yahoo collapsed could run into a challenge from the U.S. Justice Department. The Association of National Advertisers, the American Association of Advertising Agencies, and the International Advertising Association have expressed concerns about the deal and asked the Justice . . . → Read More: Google-Yahoo Deal Under Investigation by Justice Department

Why Microsoft Windows’ Survival Depends on Piracy

An explanation of why it is Microsoft’s best Interests never to stop the piracy of Windows. . . . → Read More: Why Microsoft Windows’ Survival Depends on Piracy

Why Monopolies Are Good

The term intellectual property reflects the idea that its subject matter is the product of the mind or the intellect. It could be in the form of patents, trademarks, and copyright. The law protects intellectual property like any other form of property. It can be owned, bequeathed, sold, or bought. Unlike other forms of . . . → Read More: Why Monopolies Are Good