Has Gold's Uptrend Been Broken?

I have a post up on the corporate blog featuring a Sharelynx log chart of the gold price.

There is also a very good video of why gold was (is?) favoured as money over other elements/metals in this post The Science Of Gold

And in response to this cheeky question from JR re that . . . → Read More: Has Gold’s Uptrend Been Broken?

Casey Research Summit Special Report: Surviving the Death of Money

When the currency system as we know it dies, some people will become very wealthy. In this special report from the Casey Research/Sprott Inc. Summit “When Money Dies,” The Gold Report cornered Global Resource Investments Founder and Chairman Rick Rule, Casey Research Senior Editor Louis James and Casey Energy Opportunities Senior Editor Marin . . . → Read More: Casey Research Summit Special Report: Surviving the Death of Money

Other Alpha Sources (Academic Version)

If you ask the layman about what economics is the answer you get is likely to contain the notion of money. This is understandable. After all, if economists do not study money in some form or the other what are we doing then?

As such, you might be surprised to learn that in . . . → Read More: Modeling the Role of Money

The Regression Theorem Understood And Applied

Regarding the regression theorem, can the grandson also be the great-grand father? Ideas can only be overcome by other ideas and words proffer the instruments to meaning. The ability to wield words concisely, accurately and orderly is essential for communication and persuasion. Much of discourse, particularly from court economists, has devolved into sophistry and . . . → Read More: The Regression Theorem Understood And Applied

What’s A Trillion Dollars?

What’s A Trillion Dollars?

Economists are anticipating that the federal budget deficits will be in the trillions of dollars for a number of years. There are estimates that, with all federal efforts combined, the bailout and stimulus packages will be upwards of $7 trillion. I wonder if politicians who are so cavalier about using . . . → Read More: What’s A Trillion Dollars?

What Is Money

The first section of the first chapter in The Great Credit Contraction addresses the conflicting definitions of money and currency. If one does not have a correct understanding of money and currency then they will have flawed conclusions regarding inflation or deflation. This will lead to inaccuracies when performing mental calculations of value and . . . → Read More: What Is Money

Money, an Essentially Useless Substance?

Dmitry Orlov recently posted an article titled Definancialisation, Deglobalisation, Relocalisation.

For those not familiar with Dmitry, he is the author of Reinventing Collapse, which is all about “prepar[ing] for life without much money, where imported goods are scarce, and where people have to provide for their own needs, and those of their immediate neighbours.”

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Is Money a Message as Well as a Medium?

Money is the medium of exchange as well as the unit of account and store of value. As the medium of exchange money makes life easy because we don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to find someone who is prepared to trade the goods we want to buy for the goods . . . → Read More: Is Money a Message as Well as a Medium?

What Is A Trillion Dollars?

According to the Bureau of Engraving, a dollar bill is .0043 inches thick. A stack of a trillion dollar bills would reach up 358 million feet, or 67,866 miles. . . . → Read More: What Is A Trillion Dollars?