Metal Accounting I

This article discusses the issues associated with keeping track of precious metals. I call it metal accounting because the point is to ensure that ounce debits (ie assets) always equals ounce credits (ie liabilities). This should be of interest to anyone holding unallocated metal because the extent that your “custodian” doesn’t have control over . . . → Read More: Metal Accounting I

What Is Your Gold Standard

Lately I have received many inquiries about whether the physical gold or silver people think they own and have stored with third parties is safe.  Many have asked me to comb through various prospectuses or user agreements and give my opinion.

Because of reader inquiry I have thoroughly researched the GLD ETF and GoldMoney. . . . → Read More: What Is Your Gold Standard

Government Issued Bullion

Tarek Saab, President of GoldandSilverNow, has posted an opinion on investor preference for Government issued bullion over private mints. Tarek favours private mints and discusses some of the arguments put forward for Government coins. As seems to be my habit, I offer come comments:

“If one doubts the integrity of our politicians and the . . . → Read More: Government Issued Bullion