Men, migration

Just for the infographic in itself this is worth looking at from the NYT last week: A migration of unmarried men.  Pennsylvania does not seem to show up in those migration stats at all.  It makes me wonder about a lot of things.  Was there some vast untapped labor resource in Pennsylvania for these . . . → Read More: Men, migration

The rise of high-end finance work in India

Until recently, outsourcing by global financial firms to India conjured up an image of commoditised low end services outsourcing: call centres, peripheral systems programming, and testing and maintenance. However, in recent years, there is a new rise of more sophisticated work. This reflects supply and demand factors. Global financial firms are keen to cut . . . → Read More: The rise of high-end finance work in India

more people……

Boring unemployment news today… or is it.  Another jump in Pittsburgh’s labor force. See interactive graph for more.  Pittsburgh MSA labor force +26K year over year through October. Works out to +2.1% or more than double US labor force growth (+1%) over the same period.

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Counting destiny

Yesterday was a small story that comes out annually on the state of enrollment in the Pittsburgh School District.  PG: City Schools Enrollment Drop Less Than Expected. The story focuses on just a couple numbers being reported by the school district, but it is of course a story based on a whole lot of . . . → Read More: Counting destiny

When an exodus isn't

So these rumors have been bubbling for some time, but Jon Delano/KDKA talks about the next big office building that may be built downtown. New Skyscraper Could Be Built In Downtown Pittsburgh

But note this quote:

“We’ve really been fighting this exodus, if you will, from downtown Pittsburgh and from the region, and now . . . → Read More: When an exodus isn’t

Peak Labor

So you may miss the big story in the latest labor force data being reported.  No equivocation necessary in that the data is showing the region’s labor force is larger than ever in the past.  And I know the story is usually written in terms of local folks moving in and out of the . . . → Read More: Peak Labor

New Pittsburghers

Just reading about the region’s most anticipated new resident…  What is more interesting are some news stories popping up of the folks who were not selected.

Not really connected… but in general where do people moving into Pittsburgh come from?  From something we put out late last year is this . . . → Read More: New Pittsburghers

Housing Riddles

So here is a riddle.  Population in the region is ticking up for the first time in decades.  Net migration is actually net positive for at least 3+ years now which has little precedent here in almost a century.  We know we have one of the oldest housing stocks in the nation and minimal new . . . → Read More: Housing Riddles

The Triumph of Pittsburgh

Harvard and Manhattan Institute scholar Ed Glaeser is going to be in town today speaking at Pitt.  Professor Glaeser is one of a very few wont to quote the late Ben Chinitz who was at chairman of the Economics Department here in the 1970s I believe.  Chinitz along with Edgar Hoover were pretty much . . . → Read More: The Triumph of Pittsburgh

Jobs, and jobs again

Not anything in the news today that I see, but in general I have to admit I get confused when I read most opining on the source of job growth in the region’s economy.  So below is just a straight up look at where recent job gains are coming from in the Pittsburgh region.   It’s the . . . → Read More: Jobs, and jobs again