Is Microsoft A Monopoly?

As I mentioned before, I’m currently enrolled in a microeconomics course that makes use of Mankiw’s textbook.  I haven’t read much of the book, save for the assigned homework questions and his chapter on oligopolies.  He begins with a discussion of monopolies, and asserts that Microsoft is an example of a market monopoly.  This . . . → Read More: Is Microsoft A Monopoly?

Watching markets work: Bad move, Nokia

I have long marveled about how quickly the world of mobile phones has rapidly moved through four paradigms. My first mobile phone was a Nokia and they seemed to rule. But then Blackberry won because Nokia did not get the importance of email. And then Apple won because Blackberry did not look beyond email. . . . → Read More: Watching Markets Work: Bad Move, Nokia

Interesting Readings for June 3, 2010

C. Raja Mohan in The American Interest on India’s strategic directions.

A Reuters report on how Pakistanis are responding to the global backlash against Pakistan.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Matt Ridley has some great insights into economic development.

M. K. Venu on corruption in Indian telecom.

Sanjeev Sanyal in the Business Standard . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for June 3, 2010

Microsoft Inside the Exchange

Microsoft has long faced by a credibility gap in getting into mission critical, enterprise settings. One initiative they embarked on was the `TradElect’ system which did trading at London Stock Exchange. This trading system was built by Microsoft and Accenture who were keen to prove that it could work. It utilised a series of . . . → Read More: Microsoft Inside the Exchange

Would Yahoo! have Swallowed the Poison Pill?

Demonstrates the Futility of Yahoo!’s Poison Pill Strategy . . . → Read More: Would Yahoo! have Swallowed the Poison Pill?