A Most Magnificent Speech

From one Robert Wenzel:

I will now give you more warnings about the economy.

The noose is tightening on your organization, vast amounts of money printing are now required to keep your manipulated economy afloat. It will ultimately result in huge price inflation, or, if you stop printing, another massive economic crash will occur. . . . → Read More: A Most Magnificent Speech


Has Japan declined?

Time and again, Americans are told to look to Japan as a warning of what the country might become if the right path is not followed, although there is intense disagreement about what that path might be. Here, for instance, is how the CNN analyst David Gergen has described Japan: “It’s . . . → Read More: Decline


In case you did not notice it, the much discussed “range” on the SP500 broke in spectacular fashion yesterday as the short rollers bypassed the 1250 mark in the same style as the Germany pantzer passed the Maginot line back in the early stages of WWII.

Basically, two many people . . . → Read More: Crash!

Swiss Banking Laws Key To Rescuing Wall Street and Consumers?

In a recent move, Switzerland’s second largst bank, Credit Suisse, has agreed to buy back more than half a billion dollars in securities and a hefty fine of fifteeen million dollars. The settlement arose due to an investigation by New York’s Attorney Genera;, Andrew Cuomo. The agreement stipulates that Credit Suisse will buy back securities from “individuals, . . . → Read More: Swiss Banking Laws Key To Rescuing Wall Street and Consumers?