Shale R Us

So if you care about what the (r)evolution in shale gas development means to the economy and have some illusion it is a simple question this is required reading…    NYT: Would Exporting the Natural Gas Surplus Help The Economy, or Hurt?

On how bad forecasting energy markets can be. Coalguru: Natural gas prices . . . → Read More: Shale R Us

Morning over the Alleghenies

No time to parse, but some might want to see the latest promo piece (too long to be advertisement…  certainly not a documentary so I am not sure what to classify it as) from the MSC folks on all things Natural Gas in Pennsylvania.

If I were to  parse a bit I would start with . . . → Read More: Morning over the Alleghenies

Flaring Hubris

Most skip over a lot of the corporate business news, but the machinations within Chesapeake Energy have risen to a certain level of public consciousness of late.  Most likely because of the outsize role CHK plays in all things Marcellus.

The specifics of the issues at Chesapeake really are in the end pretty classic . . . → Read More: Flaring Hubris

Is being sent to Pennsylvania as bad as an assignment on a North Sea oil rig?

Why do I have to read in the Ohio media the clearest explanation of how the Marcellus workforce in Western Pennsylvania operates?  Likely the paradigm for all of Pennsylvania I would guess. In the Akron Beacon Journal today: Ohio can learn from Texas’ experience with fracking industry, is this sentence:

Every two weeks, driller Sean . . . → Read More: Is being sent to Pennsylvania as bad as an assignment on a North Sea oil rig?

Catching up on a week in numbers

I was told my blog here needs more white space.  I am not sure this post will be an improvement, but here are some random hits from numbers talked about over the last week and a half.

So if I were Allegheny County and I were doing my due diligence defending itself in almost any . . . → Read More: Catching up on a week in numbers

Flaring Contango

My inner energy futures trader is mesmerized by what is happening in the natural gas markets of late.  If you do not wake up at night wondering if natural gas will flip from contango to backwardation then I will make it simple..  the price of natural gas is plummeting faster than anyone predicted.

A little over 3 . . . → Read More: Flaring Contango

Anecdote vs. Data

Let me make some introductions.  Data meet news, news meet data.

I just caught this headline.. but the Patriot News had article over the weekend: Marcellus Shale industry brings ‘tsunami of jobs’ to Pa.. which really was more of an anecdotal story focused on a woman getting a job in the drilling industry here . . . → Read More: Anecdote vs. Data

Lies, damn lies, and context

First off,though  it has nothing to do with what I started writing except that it talked about Bradford County and the international attention Pennsylvania shale gas development is getting.  BBC looks at the whole Marcellus thing:  How fracking affects a community in Pennsylvania

What really got me going was a far less read piece that . . . → Read More: Lies, damn lies, and context

Shale Past - Shale Future

While shale development is even more in the news than normal…. Here is something worth reading carefully.

One of the biggest players in the whole shale gas play to date has been Chesapeake Energy.  Everyone should read Chesapeake’s October investor presentation.  I spent just enough time on Wall Street to not really take investor . . . → Read More: Shale Past – Shale Future

Desperately Seeking Spike

In Pennsylvania, the 5 counties with the largest number of permitted Marcellus Shale pads are Bradford, Tioga, Lycoming, Washington and Susquehanna respectively.

Washington County is by far the largest county among the group. It is also part of a larger metro area.  So set Washington aside just for a moment and think about the . . . → Read More: Desperately Seeking Spike