Daily Digit: 0.32% 0.19%

So maybe I need to get into a daily digit type of routine.  Of late there is a round of news around the state how municipalities are going to use their shale gas impact fee windfall.  Here is the Inky’s version: PA towns savor drilling impact-fee checks.

How much of a windfall is . . . → Read More: Daily Digit: 0.32% 0.19%

In Praise of Food

So many have asked what I think on it all… and I had a really really long rant-like comment on the news coverage of the buzz over a new restaurant being planned for Braddock… but even I am getting tired of my rants. So we will try and keep it short…..

I honestly say . . . → Read More: In Praise of Food

Why regionalism need not be so hard - Cleveburgh Version

So here in town the topic of ‘Regionalism’ always breaks down quickly into to two irreconcilable camps.  Those who think our hyper fragmented local government in Allegheny (one of the most fragmented in the nation by the way, if not the most fragmented in the world) is costly and inefficient and those who perceive the . . . → Read More: Why regionalism need not be so hard – Cleveburgh Version

Muniland News Tsunami

The muniland news filters are being hit by a tsunami this afternoon:

Patriot/News: Harrisburg debt insurer rejects City Council proposal with city days away from state takeover

Bloomberg/WashPo: Jefferson County, Ala., wins initial bankruptcy hearing approval from court

Reuters: The Sharks Circling Harrisburg

Trib: Allegheny sewer project at estimated $6 billion

Bond Buyer: Jefferson . . . → Read More: Muniland News Tsunami

Decline Denial Duquesne

In the 1980’s it was Homestead that staked out the emotional heart of the Rust Belt miasma.  Outside of Detroit in recent years Braddock has cornered the PR market for as Jim R. would put it: “Rust Belt Porn”.   Yet then and now the city of Duquesne has declined as much and suffered as much, . . . → Read More: Decline Denial Duquesne

The Harrisburg Miasma = Pennsylvania's Miasma

The thing that gets me about the fiscal mess in Harrisburg these days.  The city is so broke it is seeking bankruptcy. Even if that does not go forward, why are they in this situation?  Is the city itself that mismanaged?  Even if you want to think so, the actual fiscal miasma they are . . . → Read More: The Harrisburg Miasma = Pennsylvania’s Miasma

Good Luck With That: Harrisburg Enters Act 47

Lots of news all around on this.  Try either Bond Buyer:   Harrisburg Enters Pennsylvania’s Act 47 Program

or Bloomberg: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Declared ‘Distressed’

Kind of a metaphysical question what defines ‘distress’ for a municipality.  In the census data dump yesterday Braddock, PA is showing a 35% housing vacancy rate. That would be distress and a . . . → Read More: Good Luck With That: Harrisburg Enters Act 47