My thoughts on Freegold

A reader, LS, asked for my thoughts on the following topics:

1) freegold 2) the gold for oil trade 3) the current price is not a real physical price of gold because of happenings in COMEX/LBMA 4) do you believe the current world affairs will resolve itself towards freegold or something similar?

Firstly, I . . . → Read More: My thoughts on Freegold

Negative Gold Lease Rates (again)

If Tom from Metal Augmentor keeps on putting out great stuff like this post on negative lease rates, then I’ll be out of a (blogging) job.

It is heavy going but a comprehensive discussion of the issue with a dramatic speculation that “The selective collateral nature of the tri-party format may force bullion banks . . . → Read More: Negative Gold Lease Rates (again)

Understanding Negative Lease Rates

The reporting by LBMA of negative lease rates is often misunderstood, resulting in some commentators coming to incorrect conclusions. Given my recent discussions with FOFOA on backwardation, some explanation of negative lease rates would probably be useful.

In the real world the cost of borrowing gold outright is never negative – no bullion bank . . . → Read More: Understanding Negative Lease Rates