Is Downtown dying?

Got your attention?


So there are times when you really need to understand your data before jumping to conclusions. Generally speaking a lot of us are loathe to ever use data reported by zip code. Zip code areas are a bit arbitrary and don’t really align to anything else. Data collected by zip . . . → Read More: Is Downtown dying?

Automation and Guaranteed Minimum Income

Here’s a comment Glowing Face Man left on a blog post titled “It’s No Coincidence”:

You (and the supermajority of pundits) labor under the false assumption that everybody needs jobs, that a healthy economy involves 90%+ employment. This simply is not consistent with the reality of automation, it will become less and less consistent . . . → Read More: Automation and Guaranteed Minimum Income

The disaster at Maruti

The news from Maruti is disgusting. I have been curiously watching how the stock market takes it in:

That Maruti has serious labour problems has been known for a long time. But the brutality that unfolded in recent days was out of the world. It was news. When I read about it on Thursday, it seemed to . . . → Read More: The disaster at Maruti

All time peak employment

Yes it is indeed all time…  as in ever..  peak employment for Pittsburgh employment with the release of June data on total nonfarm jobs in the region.  We will likely see an (I guess I should say another) all time peak employment number for the region for the same period when that data is  released . . . → Read More: All time peak employment

Daily ranking: Greene and Westmoreland Counties Ascendant

So first this is a repeat performance as Washington County is showing up again as one of the fastest job gainers in the nation in the 4th quarter of 2011.  #6 among all ‘large’ (top 323) counties in the US. A side note is that that if WashCo had not had that over the . . . → Read More: Daily ranking: Greene and Westmoreland Counties Ascendant

Why is solving India's inflation crisis important?

All of us are aware of India’s inflation crisis. It is very disappointing, how we lost our grip on stable 4-to-5 per cent inflation which was prevailing earlier. From February 2006 onwards, in every single month, the y-o-y CPI-IW inflation has exceeded the upper bound of 5 per cent.

All of us agree . . . → Read More: Why is solving India’s inflation crisis important?

The company we keep

So here is one way to parse some of the labor force data that came out earlier in the week for the region.  While not the top, all I will say is that if this type of benchmarking was done going back in history, for an awfully long time I would bet we placed . . . → Read More: The company we keep

Uptake of systems like Amazon's `Mechanical Turk' in India

I have long been aware of Amazon’s `Mechanical Turk’, a mechanism through which tasks are farmed out to a large bank of humans. Each human worker has full flexibility on how many hours are worked and when. From the customer’s point of view, Amazon supplies an API and access to a very large pool . . . → Read More: Uptake of systems like Amazon’s `Mechanical Turk’ in India

Workers materializing somehow

So the monthly news cycle over the latest dump of labor force data for the Pittsburgh region is pretty muted per the  PG,  Trib,  PBT.  Not much to say since the numbers are nominally unchanged and any changes you parse out of it are likely well within sample error or other variations that should . . . → Read More: Workers materializing somehow

Cleveburgh Steel

Remember when the steel industry rated local news?

The 24 hour news cycle can be brutal.  Just beyond greater Pittsburgh, but near the center mass of Cleveburgh is Trumbull County, Ohio… home to Warren, Ohio and part of the Mahoning Valley were these two stories recently:

24 hours ago the headline was:  Valley employment . . . → Read More: Cleveburgh Steel