Tale of two charts

With December data recently out.  More and more workers in Pittsburgh, and another new all-time high in the size of the regional labor force. Bigger observation is that the rate of labor force growth here is not slowing down either. In fact, for December it was the largest year over year increase in the region’s labor force in . . . → Read More: Tale of two charts

Apples and oranges and counting workers

OK… this is for labor force wonks only.

So if you read the official press release on the monthly dump of labor force statistics, a headline the state points out is that the count of total unemployed in the region dropped by 2,000 between October and November, and that was the largest monthly drop since . . . → Read More: Apples and oranges and counting workers

Help still wanted

Some may have read the article today in the PG on women in Pittsburgh’s labor force.   It references a report we did some years ago on gender wage differences in the Pittsburgh region. Note the story today does not mention the third author Susan Hansen as well for the record.   No matter how . . . → Read More: Help still wanted

more people……

Boring unemployment news today… or is it.  Another jump in Pittsburgh’s labor force. See interactive graph for more.  Pittsburgh MSA labor force +26K year over year through October. Works out to +2.1% or more than double US labor force growth (+1%) over the same period.

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Beyond the Burgh – Peak Pennsylvania Labor Force as well

I tend to forget the state stuff, but I should have noticed this. Pennsylvania hit a new all-time labor force peak with the September data that came out a couple weeks ago.

Link: Data and chart from BLS.

Specifically the PA labor force is showing over 6.5 million for the first time ever.  Topping . . . → Read More: Beyond the Burgh – Peak Pennsylvania Labor Force as well

Which number do I use?

So here is a labor force story in the news today. Trib:  Job search dropouts abound

The theme there?  The labor force participation rate has been trending down.  Ok.  Hold that thought, but remember that the labor force participation rate is the labor force divided by the working age population variously defined.

Now what . . . → Read More: Which number do I use?

It Takes One to Know One

Some hack calls out FoxNews for lying about unemployment:

During a segment criticizing the Obama administration for its messaging on the economy, a Fox & Friends graphic claimed that the “real unemployment rate” had increased from 7.8% in 2009 to 14.7% now.

But in order to make the claim that unemployment had increased . . . → Read More: It Takes One to Know One

Labor Force Metrics 101

So the stats out today say the region’s unemployment rate is up 3/10ths of a percent.  I wonder a bit. While all data out there has issues, I don’t like poking at methodology too much since it lends itself for folks coming to doubt the data.  You just need to understand the strengths and . . . → Read More: Labor Force Metrics 101

Trouble in Paradise

Speaking of data produced in Harrisburg, last week was the monthly dump of labor force data for the state.  All bad, right? Let’s go beyond the headline and look at national data to do some simple benchmarking to see how Pennsylvania did compared to other states.  I’ll only pose one question with this which . . . → Read More: Trouble in Paradise

Daily Ranking - Prime Workforce Growth

So it really has been more than just decades since we would have even been considered for a ranking in something like this. Count in score at least.  Area Development magazine (always a link there on the right btw) has us ranked near the top for Prime Workforce Growth.  Seriously, I am not making it up.

. . . → Read More: Daily Ranking – Prime Workforce Growth