That’s the best way to describe grads of technical schools:

So what are the best bets when buying student debt? Technical schools. Students pay the least for their education with the potential to make good money after graduation in only a couple of years.

By that arithmetic, technical colleges come out on top, Mr. . . . → Read More: Bubbleproof

Ricardo Hausmann on Economic Complexity

The member meeting at the Media Lab features speakers from within the lab, like César Hidalgo and Joi Ito, and outside speakers – in that latter case, the invited speakers reflect César’s wonderfully idiosyncratic take on networks. One of his major collaborators is Ricardo Hausmann, director of Harvard’s Center for International Development and former . . . → Read More: Ricardo Hausmann on Economic Complexity

Information at the Speed of Knowledge

Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge. By Cass R. Sunstein. Oxford University Press, USA, 2008. 304 pages. $15.95.

If you’re interested in how organizations and societies process knowledge or how what one individual knows diffuses through a larger social matrix, read Cass Sunstein’s Infotopia. It’s not perfect, but it does a fine job of . . . → Read More: Information at the Speed of Knowledge