Pittsburgh Scoring Jobs

Some new jobs numbers are out for April. These are the Pittsburgh jobs, not the state data in the news today. Not much change from trend. Region up YOY and for April only below the 2001 über peak that I have argued is a bit anomalous.

Maybe we will just summarize in a graph below.  Note always the scale . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh Scoring Jobs

Jobs, and jobs again

Not anything in the news today that I see, but in general I have to admit I get confused when I read most opining on the source of job growth in the region’s economy.  So below is just a straight up look at where recent job gains are coming from in the Pittsburgh region.   It’s the . . . → Read More: Jobs, and jobs again

Looking back - a better jobs year than we thought

The Bureau of Labor statistics just put out its routine revisions of employment data and it looks like 2011 was actually a better year for jobs in the Pittsburgh region that previously thought. Here is what I get for the scale of change which is positive every month by some nontrivial amounts.

Total Nonfarm Jobs . . . → Read More: Looking back – a better jobs year than we thought

Lies, damn lies, and context

First off,though  it has nothing to do with what I started writing except that it talked about Bradford County and the international attention Pennsylvania shale gas development is getting.  BBC looks at the whole Marcellus thing:  How fracking affects a community in Pennsylvania

What really got me going was a far less read piece that . . . → Read More: Lies, damn lies, and context

Occupy That!

Austin Hill, ladies and gentlemen:

Will you allow this question to “occupy” your minds for a moment? Seriously, what would happen to our country if we all chose to do nothing but take up space on “public” property (or even on other people’s private property as some of you have done), consume resources at . . . → Read More: Occupy That!

Job Openings Now at Highest Level in Over Three Years

The Labor Department announced on Tuesday that the number of positions waiting to be filled in the U.S. rose in September to the highest level in more than three years. Job openings increased by 225,000 to 3.35 million, the most since August 2008.

Hiring also advanced by 185,000 to 4.25 million.

Last Thursday the . . . → Read More: Job Openings Now at Highest Level in Over Three Years

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Hard to be the bearer of good news in this town.  This is something just out and quite honestly I am surprised. If it holds up over next few months it is pretty big economic news.

You can check out the latest dump of total non-farm jobs for the region from the BLS here. . . . → Read More: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

What Does it Mean When a Million People Apply for a Thousand Jobs?

Several economists have commented on the remarkable and relatively new phenomenon that’s seen in India, where a government agency (or a state owned enterprise) advertises (say) 100 job openings and gets a million applications. This is generally interpreted as a problem, as a reflection of the very high extent of unemployment amongst the educated . . . → Read More: What Does it Mean When a Million People Apply for a Thousand Jobs?

Obama’s Brilliant Jobs Move

President Obama convened a “jobs summit” at the White House Thursday morning. It was likely one of the more brilliant moves of his presidency.

One of the most notable early promises from Obama was that the massive stimulus measure signed into law earlier this year would save or create 3.5M American jobs. The President . . . → Read More: Obama’s Brilliant Jobs Move

Fed Beige Book: Economic Outlook Cautiously Positive

On Wednesday, the Fed’s Beige book was released for July and August. It summarizes reports from the 12 Federal Reserve Districts and pointed to economic activity that continues to stabilize.

Compared to the summary from the Fed’s last report 11 out of 12 regions asserted that economic activity had either stabilized or . . . → Read More: Fed Beige Book: Economic Outlook Cautiously Positive