Freedom of Speech in India

Shekhar Gupta’s column in the Indian Express today is about the incipient threats faced by freedom of speech in India.

Authoritarianism vs. the Internet by Daniel Calingaert goes into the ways in which the Net increases freedom, and the way governments are fighting back. I got nervous when I read this description about some . . . → Read More: Freedom of Speech in India

Relentless Advance Of Technology

The first message to ever travel between two computers connected via the ARPANET, the computer network that would become the Internet, happened on 29 October 1969.  The Internet just turned 40.  And 40 is the new 20.  It is incredible that Al Gore, born 31 March 1948, was able to invent such an amazing series . . . → Read More: Relentless Advance Of Technology

Improving Wireless Bandwidth

Peter Wayner has a story about a WiMax rollout in Baltimore in the US. They seem to be getting 6 Mb/s download and 1 Mb/s upload. This is termed a `4G’ network (which might just be marketing speak).

In India, Thomas K. Thomas has an article on price cuts by Airtel. My sense is . . . → Read More: Improving Wireless Bandwidth

Three Technologies That Don’t Impress Me Much

I am something of a technophobe. When some new technology is hyped as the latest greatest thing, nine times out of ten I am unimpressed.

1. Cell Phone Features: I want to be able to do three things with my phone; talk, text and store numbers. Beyond that I value battery life over every . . . → Read More: Three Technologies That Don’t Impress Me Much

Digital Companies In A Physical World

Technology keeps thrusting forward at an ever increasing rate as the Information Age transforms the world at a rapid pace.  Business is happening at the speed of thought as companies are beginning to morph into digital entities in a physical world.  Fortunes have already been made in supply chain management and product distribution as . . . → Read More: Digital Companies In A Physical World

The Economy of Cyberspace

U.S. retail Internet sales are expected to reach $146 billion in 2008, a 14.3% rise from 2007—and yes, that reckoning takes into account the economic downturn, which has actually boosted online sales because of high gas prices and reduced driving. While U.S. retail sales rose by 2.8% between the first quarter of 2007 and . . . → Read More: The Economy of Cyberspace