Digging into the numbers

So I lied. I did. But don’t expect much more this week.

Anyway we are getting there..  albeit slowly.  Read the PG piece today carefully please: Allegheny County reassessment favors properties with higher prices, review finds…. and the penultimate comment. :-0 Seriously though, I would concur with and beyond what the PG is observing . . . → Read More: Digging into the numbers

Tortoise or Hare? Pittsburgh Real Estate

I really do suspect one could blog/comment/opine daily on assessments in Allegheny from now until…  some undefined date long in the future, but who wants to endure that.  So to connect a bit the assessment crescendo just beginning with the bigger picture, and for a good end of the year post…  just what is . . . → Read More: Tortoise or Hare? Pittsburgh Real Estate

Yin and Yang of Pittsburgh Real Estate Ever Again

Yet another ranking showing the Pittsburgh region as just about the only place in the nation with increasing real estate prices year over year. See this press release: Summer’s Last Stand: Clear Capital(R) Reports U.S. Home Prices Increase 4.0%. The headline there is about some decent quarterly numbers for the nation and a lot . . . → Read More: Yin and Yang of Pittsburgh Real Estate Ever Again

You gotta disbelieve

The title was going to be for a baseball post, but then I saw the latest stories on Pittsburgh region real estate prices. Baseball geeks can probably deduce what the baseball comment was going to be unfortunately.  For real estate we have something really odd continuing. The Trib’s headline is not the first, but may be . . . → Read More: You Gotta Disbelieve

Real estate stream of consciousness

So we statrt with the Trib: East Liberty Target counts on food shoppers.  Points for mentioning Mansmann’s department store.  How come nobody ever mentions any of the Autenreith’s that were all around town?

Which just makes me wonder… how many residential townhomes could you fit within the footprint of the Shakespeare St. Giant Eagle? . . . → Read More: Real estate stream of consciousness

Cincinnati to banks: Drop dead

From my Cincinnati peeps…..   Has anyone thought of something similar here: Cincinnati suing banks over empty eyesores

Read the story carefully.  Lots of financial institutions want it both ways.  They essentially want to foreclose on you, but don’t want to file the paperwork to actually make the transaction and then incur the liabilities of . . . → Read More: Cincinnati to Banks: Drop Dead

Speaking of property values

The very last line in an article… barely surviving the editor’s scissors:

In Allegheny County, the median price for an existing home rose 23.7 percent, and the average price was up 23.9 percent

Ummm…   I take that is over two years, but……  I’m telling you the headlines are completely missing the real story in . . . → Read More: Speaking of Property Values

Australian Housing Prices

I’ve been following an excellent series of posts on the high cost of Australian housing and land from The Unconventional Economist blog. Worth a look if you are interested in the reasons why this is the case – Leith van Onselen’s puts it down to restrictive government policies on land use. Join the forum . . . → Read More: Australian Housing Prices

Pittsburgh’s real estate moment?

In order to post something positive and to stick to the knitting, several positive economic notes out there. We’ll start with real estate.

I already mentioned the latest real estate data from realstats.  The PG headline was quite negative: Region home sales drop sharply.  Unless you are in the real estate biz itself, I . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh’s real estate moment?

What is the Real Estate Story?

Headline screams bad news:  Region home sales drop sharply

Yet this is the cut and paste quote from that article right now as I type:

“Average home prices rose 3.7 percent, from $138,907 last year to $151,556 last month, according to RealSTATs.”

I’m missing something in the math on that?  Later another quote is . . . → Read More: What is the Real Estate Story?