The disaster at Maruti

The news from Maruti is disgusting. I have been curiously watching how the stock market takes it in:

That Maruti has serious labour problems has been known for a long time. But the brutality that unfolded in recent days was out of the world. It was news. When I read about it on Thursday, it seemed to . . . → Read More: The disaster at Maruti

In Praise of Food

So many have asked what I think on it all… and I had a really really long rant-like comment on the news coverage of the buzz over a new restaurant being planned for Braddock… but even I am getting tired of my rants. So we will try and keep it short…..

I honestly say . . . → Read More: In Praise of Food

Decline Denial Duquesne

In the 1980’s it was Homestead that staked out the emotional heart of the Rust Belt miasma.  Outside of Detroit in recent years Braddock has cornered the PR market for as Jim R. would put it: “Rust Belt Porn”.   Yet then and now the city of Duquesne has declined as much and suffered as much, . . . → Read More: Decline Denial Duquesne

The Failure Of Free Markets

Free markets are being blamed for the global economic crises, but there have been virtually no free markets in most of the world for decades. While not totally unfree, nearly all markets have been manipulated, managed, poked and prodded by bureaucrats and politicians. Whether the interventions were necesssary is a different question. What cannot be questioned is the fact that interventions were prevalent. . . . → Read More: The Failure Of Free Markets