CBO Nonsense

From the CBO Director’s blog:

Many factors are responsible for the rise in unemployment in general and in long-term unemployment:

-Weak demand for goods and services, as a result of the recession and its aftermath, which results in weak demand for workers;

The better question is: what is causing weak demand? Could it be . . . → Read More: CBO Nonsense

The Ethics of Receiving Government Benefits

James Kwak:

Many liberals like to point out the apparent hypocrisy of the people featured in the article, who rail against big government, demand lower spending, and simultaneously rake in benefits from the federal government that they hate. The central figure in the article, Ki Gulbranson, works hard yet has barely enough money to . . . → Read More: The Ethics of Receiving Government Benefits

Paragraphs to Ponder

From Walter E. Williams:

I believe that a person who is 65 years old and has been forced into Social Security is owed something. But the question is, Who owes it to him? Congress has spent every penny of his Social Security “contribution.” Young workers have no obligation to be fleeced in order to . . . → Read More: A Social Security Fix

Social Security Thy Name is Ponzi

I’m not sure why so many are upset with Rick Perry calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme. I said the same thing way back in March, but the media hardly seemed to care. Many economists have weighed in on this debate, and Walter Williams provides a decent summary of their sentiments:

Aside from these . . . → Read More: Social Security Thy Name is Ponzi

Natural Consequences


The justification for pushing people around like this is the NHS. Shouldn’t people have to pay for their own illnesses? Well, yes – that’s how personal responsibility works. But having an NHS removes the personal responsibility, and artificial attempts to inject it into the system are doubly illiberal and wrong.

The government (and . . . → Read More: Natural Consequences