The Impending AIG Hellstorm

Zero Hedge (with help from the Huffington Post) has been all over the biggest fraud perpetrated by the government in economic history.  While trying to avoid some of the minutiae of the transactions that took place, below are some of the highly poignant issues to come out of HuffPo’s (shockingly!) and Zero Hedge’s excellent . . . → Read More: The Impending AIG Hellstorm

Jobs Summit at the White House

From Politico 44: You’re invited — On the jobs summit list …

“CONFIRMED ATTENDEES INCLUDE: Eric Schmidt, Google; Randall Stevenson, AT&T; Surya Mohapatra, Qwest ; Frederick Smith, Fed Ex; Brian Roberts, Comcast; Bob Iger, Disney; James McNerney, Boeing; Andrew Livens, Dow; Peter Solmssen, Siemens; Stephanie Burns, Dow Corning; Phaedra Ellis Lamkins, Green for All; . . . → Read More: Jobs Summit at the White House

Green Shoots Or Greater Depression?

[Editor Note: The administration is exacerbating the greater depression by (1) preventing and delaying liquidation of toxic assets, (2) inflating the illusion currency supply beyond recognition, (3) attempting to keep wage rates up by bailing out structurally challenged industries, (4) attempting to keep prices up for example by destroying supply of old working cars . . . → Read More: Green Shoots Or Greater Depression?